Maximize reliability and performance in various industrial applications with our high-quality and innovative gaskets, providing top-notch sealing solutions.

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Mechanical Seals

Advanced cartridge and component seals for pumps, mixers, compressors and other rotating equipment. Seal replacements for major brands such as John Crane, Flowserve, AES and more.
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Instrumentation Fittings 
& Valves

High quality dual and single ferrule Tube fittings for the most reliable tube connections. A full range of instrument ball valves, needle valves, check valves and relief valves.

Tube Fitting Products 

Studs & Nuts

Pre-cut and custom fasteners in a wide range of materials and grades. Custom cut studs from threaded rod to meet any application. Advanced coatings and lubricants for corrosion protection and maximum bolt up integrity.

Stud & Nut Products 

Compression Packing

Pump and valve packing for industrial applications such as steam and chemical service. Bulk and custom-made die-formed sets for easy packing replacement. All common materials - GFO, Teflon , Graphite and more.

Packing Material 


High quality stainless steel and exotic alloy tubing for industrial process and instrumentation. We proudly represent Alleima (Sandvik), the world leader in development of stainless steels and advanced alloys for industry.

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Bearing Isolation

Bearing isolators are innovative sealing devices used to protect bearings from contaminants, ensuring reliable performance, extending bearing life, and minimizing maintenance in various industrial applications.

Bearing Isolators 

Flange Isolation Kits

Critical service flange gaskets and flange insulation kits (cathodic protection) for the oil and gas production, processing, gas transmission, pipeline, power generation and utilities.

Flange Isolators 

Rotary Joints

Christian Maier Rotary joints for steam, air, water and oil heat transfer systems. Designs for demanding service such as Pulp and Paper, Chemical and Food and Beveridge.  Local repair and refurbishment services provided by ARTG.

Rotary Joints 

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